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What I learned in February

(Thanks to See Theo Run for inspiring this one.)

1. Watching other people love and delight in Ponce is almost as good as losing myself in Ponce. (Sub-revelation: People I was once lukewarm to, suddenly shine brighter than the north star because they care so much about Ponce).

2. Even though Ponce has got me sick every  month since October, my resolve to resist his sloppy kisses is no match for my desire to let him goober all over my face. (Sub-revelation: No matter how sick I get, my symptoms magically fall away if the prettiest snow of the winter falls and I decide I want Ponce to experience it.)

Ponce's Winter Wonderland

3. It is actually possible to love someone more with every passing day. (Sub-revelation: Letting my brain go to the place where Ponce does not get to stay with us can actually stop my heart and force every last molecule of oxygen right out of my lungs)

4. Willing my Quebecois roots into my adopted son via frequent FAILED attempts at maple syrup ingestion is not a reflection of my parenting skills.(Sub-revelation: Ponce has very poor taste. Pffft.)

5. Ponce loves me. He really does. (Sub-revelation: I can be moved to tears just by picturing him crawling maniacally across the couch to plant a wet, germy one, on my face.)

I hope I’m doing it right. See Theo Run links to the following at the end of her post, so I will too:

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