At the end of 2009 I threw away my cycle charts, my thermometer, and the address to the local fertility clinic where I’d wasted enough time and tears to last me a lifetime. Why the hell did it take us two years of “trying” and nearly 10 months of torturous fertility treatments for us to realize we never cared about “genes”?
Fast-forward nearly fourth months and I’m sitting at work in shock … I just got off the phone with a social worker I didn’t even know had our file yet … there’s a baby! A baby for us! A BABY!
This blog is where I will “put” the thoughts that keep me up at night (holy shit, it doesn’t JUST happen in the movies … our adoption may be contested), the joys I keep behind my eyelids (Baby Ponce laughing, clapping, shaking his head) so that the thoughts that keep me up at night (see earlier part of this run-on sentence) are tempered with sweeter ones, and general rants about the fertility-industrial-complex, and ethics in adoption. And just to throw some extra fun into the mix this blog will also chronicle the good, bad, and ugly of our open adoption as well as our own extended family dynamics and how they weave their way in and out of the day-to-day.




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